Community Health Partners for Sustainability knows that many changes have taken place in health care and public housing, and with more changes on the horizon, we understand that there will be a need to further adapt practices in order to continue to provide high-quality care through safety net health centers. You are not alone in facing the challenges ahead; Community Health Partners for Sustainability is here to provide training and technical assistance and to connect you with a community working on these same issues. Please contact us to learn more about our services and to join the community.

  • The recording of "Navigating the Housing Arena from Public to Supportive Housing", with Kristine Gonnella and Kim Keaton, is now available. 

    Access the webinar and slide deck HERE!

  • Community Health Partners for Sustainability conducted a survey about Counting Residents of Public Housing in April 2016 via Survey Monkey. The responses helped us better understand how health centers are reporting their patient population living in public housing. Review the infographic HERE!